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Some politicians are trying to censor the lessons taught in our classrooms, ban books, and exclude certain kids based on what they look like or where they live. But together we can make our voices loud and clear to protect the freedom to learn and teach truth.  

Join the Freedom to Learn & Teach Truth Day of Action on June 10, 2023. Educators, parents, and students are coming together to ensure our public schools meet the needs of all students—no exceptions. 

JOIN US  ➤There are four ways to get involved: 
1. Find an event near you 
2. Sign up to create your own event 
3. Amplify the day of action on social media by using hashtags #FreedomtoLearn and #TeachTruth 
4. Download and display Freedom to Learn sharable art 

NEA put together a quick guide to participating, so you can make a plan to take one or more of these actions.  

Together, we are moving forward to a better future where every student—whether Black, Brown, or white, Native or newcomer, LGBTQ+ or differently abled—has the freedom to learn. Make a plan to take action today. 

In solidarity,  The NEA EdJustice Team 
Last week, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced that Congress must raise or suspend the debt ceiling earlier than expected to avoid a catastrophic default. D-day could come as soon as June 1. 

The Senate Budget Committee held a hearing on H.R. 2811, the devastating bill crafted by MAGA Republicans. The title of the hearing tells the story: “The Default on America Act: Blackmail, Brinkmanship, and Billionaire Backroom Deals.” 

MAGA Republicans are demanding cuts in K-12 programs equivalent to eliminating 108,000 educators’ jobs, impacting more than 32 million kids. They also want to end student debt relief and impose new work requirements to limit eligibility for Medicaid and SNAP.

HR. 2811 would also slash funding for veterans’ health care, jeopardize public safety, and raise costs for families—even as MAGA Republicans separately push for trillions in tax cuts skewed to the wealthy and big corporations. Check out what it would mean in your state.
In meetings on Capitol Hill, NEA’s Board of Directors stressed the need to increase—not cut—education funding. They also urged lawmakers to take steps to prevent gun violence, which the overwhelming majority of Americans support, and confirm Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su. 

Let Congress know where you stand!

In solidarity, 

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Marc Egan
Government Relations Director
National Education Association
At a time when some decision-makers are trying to whitewash our history and culture, educators, parents, and allies are coming together to ensure that every Black student and educator can live, grow, and thrive with support, love, and joy.

In partnership with the Black Lives Matter at School coalition, we continue an ongoing movement of critical reflection through honest conversation and impactful actions in our schools and communities. Explore the many ways you can join the Black Lives Matter at School movement and participate in a nationwide week of action Feb. 6-10.

We make the future, and by joining together—parents, students and educators—we can make every neighborhood public school a place that inspires imagination, cultivates critical thinking, and ensures our children can live fulfilling lives.

Are you ready to support the freedom of Black students and educators to thrive? Take the first step today and visit NEA’s Black Lives Matter at School webpage. While you’re there, sign a petition, find an event near you, or explore resources to join us.
In solidarity,  
The NEA EdJustice team 

Visit the Black Lives Matter at School page   ➤
The NJ State Board of Education has been left to stagnate for far too long! 

It has been over five years since a new member was confirmed to the NJSBOE. The NJSBOE makes important decisions that impact educators and students – including on important classroom issues like the ongoing use of SGOs. 

Enough is enough!  

Governor Murphy has nominated three highly qualified, passionate public education advocates, but they have yet to be confirmed or even given a fair hearing. 

It’s time for the NJ Senate to step up and make the change our students deserve! 

Email your State Senator today. Tell them: it’s time to confirm Mary Bennett, Kwanghee Jung and Claudine Keenan to the State Board of Education! 

In Unity, 
The NJEA Action Team 

Elimination of edTPA

Advocates’ Update

NJEA Advocates Update – click the link for updates on the election.

NJEA Take Action Page

Public Schools Need You 
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This year’s midterm election cycle is crucial for the future of our public schools. We’ve endorsed candidates who we know will stand for public education on key issues like:School fundingEnding gun violence in schoolsLimiting the negative impact of standardized tests We need you to help elect these pro-public education candidates. Volunteer today to get involved with our campaign to strengthen the future of public schools.  Together, we will be the difference our students deserve.  In unity,  The NJEA Action Teamimage of ...
Can you believe it? Three months after the EdTPA bill UNANIMOUSLY passed both houses of the Legislature, it’s STILL not law! What’s the holdup now? Because the Governor recently returned the bill to the Legislature with some minor tweaks, the Senate and Assembly each need to take one last vote to approve those changes and finally, officially end EdTPA for good in New Jersey. It’s October tomorrow. Both houses are meeting this month, but neither has yet scheduled a vote on this bill. If they don’t do it the very next opportunity, it could extend the process by weeks or more, leaving potential educators in limbo as the school year goes on without them. Please take one minute today to contact key legislators and ask them to act now. It’s really that simple, but it has to happen. Thank you in advance, and have a great weekend! – The NJEA Action Team