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Dear JAY,

Among the many challenges we face as educators in this unprecedented year is dealing with an evaluation system that is not designed for these times. Since the beginning of the pandemic, when school buildings closed and education went remote, we have advocated for maximum flexibility on all aspects of evaluation. Flexibility enables educators and administrators to focus their entire effort on reinventing education to meet the needs of students in the face of our many challenges.

Last spring, that led to major changes in how and whether evaluations occurred and what factors went into those evaluations. Standardized testing was suspended and evaluation, where it occurred, took into account the dramatically changed circumstances. We believe that remains the only reasonable approach while much of the state continues with remote or hybrid education and every school operates under conditions never imagined when our evaluation system was created.

That is why we continue to advocate for a thoughtful, flexible approach this year in all aspects of evaluation, including in the area of student growth objectives, known as SGOs. We have consistently advocated with the Department of Education for SGO requirements to be delayed until we return to more normal teaching and learning conditions. While the department has not yet agreed to entirely eliminate the SGO requirement this year, it has indicated that it expects districts to be very flexible and has reiterated that educators have until Feb. 15 to revise their SGOs to reflect the real-world conditions we and our students face. We will continue to advocate for the full suspension of SGO requirements during this pandemic.

While that advocacy continues, please refer to the following resources for more information:FAQ on Evaluation (third section focuses on SGOs)Field Advisory on 2020-21 Evaluation (second section focuses on SGOs)Portfolio Information SheetAdditionally, we encourage members with questions and concerns about SGOs or other issues related to evaluation to attend the regular online Member Update sessions hosted by NJEA. The next one is scheduled for Nov. 2.

Should you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of evaluation, including SGO requirements, please reach out to your local president or UniServ field representative immediately so that problems can be addressed and your rights are protected.

In solidarity,

Marie Blistan, President
New Jersey Education Association

Sean M. Spiller, Vice President
New Jersey Education Association

Steve Beatty, Secretary-Treasurer
New Jersey Education Association

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