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An excerpt from “Excellence Through Equity”, worth a read.

excellence through equity

The Essex County Education Association offers professional development workshops throughout the year.  Click on the the below link for the calendar of PD and to register.


Common Core Standards

NJCore.org – See this updated Educator Resource Exchange – created for teachers with items submitted by teachers. The site allows you to read, post and share classroom resources – anything from lesson plans and classroom activities to quizzes and curriculum guides.

Common Core explainer – How can educators easily describe the Common Core standards to parents? Read some of NJDOE’s Teacher Voices, watch the Department’svideo, or check out the Parent Resources section.

Standards alignment tools – The EQuIP rubric can be used to judge the alignment of instructional materials with the core standards, and the NJDOE’s Standards Evaluation Toolcan be used to test alignment of curriculum in English Language Arts and math with the core standards.

Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development

AchieveNJ Teacher Web Page – Visit this landing for information about teacher evaluation.

Student Growth Objectives Web Page – Click here to find a variety of resources, including an extensive SGO Guidebook and SGO Exemplars..

Professional Development and Mentoring Resources – Visit our web page to find information and resources about individual professional development and mentoring plans.

Share your voice – Contact your School Improvement Panel or District Evaluation Advisory Committee to learn more about your local evaluation policies and share your feedback.

Stay Connected and Learn More

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Professional development – Take advantage of trainings offered by the NJDOE.

Celebrate great teachers! – Learn about New Jersey’s Teacher of the Year program and other opportunities for educator recognition.