The Essex County Education Association (E.C.E.A.) 

2018 PRIDE IN EDUCATION Essay Contest entries have been judged and the West Orange winners are        (drum roll please)… 

Kindergarten – 3rd Place
Student: Sarah Francois  – Hazel Elementary
Teacher: Phyllis Seibert

First Grade – 3rd Place
Student: Leah Rodriguez  – Redwood 
Teacher: Amanda Hegedus

Second Grade – 2nd Place
Student: Joshua Canton – Gregory Elementary
Teacher: Mary J. Carr

Third Grade – 2nd Place
Student: Kennedy Curry  – Hazel Elementary
Teacher: Stacie Varanelli

Fourth Grade – 1st Place
Student: Jana Abdelghany  – Kelly Elementary
Teacher: Alison Urban

Seventh Grade – 1st Place
Student: Isabella Davis  – Liberty Middle School
Teacher: Kimberly DeMeo 

Tenth Grade – 3rd Place
Student: Odalys Faiardo Rivera  – West Orange High School
Teacher: Ms. Ortiz

What did you win?      1st Prize:   $75,   2nd Prize:   $50           3rd Prize:   $25

and you get to read your award winning essay at the award ceremony on March 1st. (invitations for the ceremony will be sent to the Teacher of each winning student).  

Congratulations and thank you to everyone that participated, we had even more winners than last year! #westorangestrong

~Sharon Ortiz, WOEA PRIDE Chair