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Because of the efforts of thousands of NJEA members like you, we are one step closer to providing Job Justice for Educational Support Professionals (ESP).

The Assembly Labor Committee has scheduled a hearing for Feb. 14 at 10 a.m. on two bills that would expand job protections for our schools’ most vulnerable employees. These protections would ensure consistency for children in New Jersey’s public schools.

The bills to be heard are:
The Anti-privatization bill: A-3395 (McGuckin, Dancer, Chiaravalloti, Wimberly) – Concerns subcontracting agreements entered into by public school districts
 The Due Process for ESPs bill: A-3664 (Caputo, Jasey, Dancer) – Concerns arbitration for certain non-teaching school staffBefore these bills can get to Gov. Murphy’s desk, they first must be released from this committee.

We need you to call the members of the Assembly Labor Committee and urge them to support A-3664 and A-3395. Dial
1-855-413-3777 to be connected with a member of the Assembly Labor Committee.

After you make a call, send the members of the committee an emailand urge them to support the bills.

We’ve come a long way because of your efforts, and together we will restore the respect our profession deserves.

In unity,

Marie Blistan, President
New Jersey Education Association

Sean M. Spiller, Vice President
New Jersey Education Association

Steve Beatty, Secretary-Treasurer
New Jersey Education Association
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