In-House Payroll Deduction and Earnings Codes: Click the link for the explanation of codes:   Payroll Deduction Codes

SGO’s:   NJ Achieve SGO FAQ’S

  • Paycheck/Payroll (“What are these deductions?”) contact: Denise Keastead, Payroll Director at X20525 or Paula Duffy, Payroll at X20526

Click here for the Direct Deposit application

Click here for directions on applying for Family Leave

Click here for application materials for Family Leave (part 1)

Click here for application materials for Family Leave (part 2)

  • Contract Issues (“Can my principal ask me to cover a class during my lunch?”) contact: your WOEA building representatives first, then, if they cannot answer your question, Deb Rees at drees@westorangeschools.org
  • Observations (“I don’t agree with some aspect of my observation.  Who can advise me?”) contact: your WOEA building representatives
  • Work Place Conditions (“My classroom has had no heat for an extended period of time during the winter. Who can help me?”) contact: your WOEA building representatives
  • Sick Days/Absences (“Does Aesop have the correct amount of sick days for me?”)  contact: Human Resources –Lena Falero at lfalero@westorangeschools.org
  • Health Care PlanEmployee Benefits (“How do I add our new baby to my health plan?”) contact: Stacy Vaughn at sphillips@westorangeschools.org

Brown and Brown Benefit Advisors:
Paul McGowan 
Phone: (609)-397-3088
Email: pmcgowan@bbmetro.com
Website: www.advisorsbb.com

  • Course Approval and Reimbursement (“How and when do I apply for course approval?”) and Level Changes (“What credits count toward a level change?” or “What in-district activities count toward a level change?”)

Training Level Change Document

  • Retirement and or Pension (“Who do I contact to discuss retirement and my pension?” or “What are details on disability retirement?”) contact: Dennis Grieco, NJEA UniServ Representative, 70 South Orange Ave., Suite 250, Livingston, NJ 07039  973.762.6866
  • TPAF Life Insurance (“What life insurance coverage do I have through the TPAF”?)

Click here for the TPAF Member Handbook

  • NJEA Discounts and Benefits (“How do I find out a discount from The Buyer’s Edge for furniture, cell phone plans, vacations, etc?”) NJEA.org  Have your NJEA card handy so you can enter your membership information to access the Members area.