Teachers1/2020 thru 12/2020  $1373.001/2020 thru 6/2020  $823.809/2020 thru 12/2020  $549.20
Others1/2020 thru 12/2020  $707.601/2020 thru 6/2020  $424.569/2020 thru 12/2020  $283.04


Get Vaccine Updates As They Break

Sign up for NJVAC Matters Newsletter from the State of New Jersey Department of Health, click HERE.

Sign up tests. This will also be the link you use to get the vaccine, when available.

EDUCATORS: Do you know that because you teach in an Essex County School you are entitled to free COVID tests and vaccines. Click on the link to schedule your test. EssexCOVID.org

Doculivery Payroll System

To access the Doculivery Payroll System click on this link: http://www.Doculivery.com/Systems3000-woboe

To access the Doculivery Payroll System Employee Handbook download the guide below

Holiday Raffle Gift Card Winners

Each of these winners has won a $25 gift card to the retailer listed next to their name.

Carla Magnotta – Panera

Kristen Azzato – Dunkin

Jessica Byrne – Amazon

Noemi Gargiulo = Home Goods/Marshalls/TJMaxx

Jaroslaw Chzanowski – Jersey Mike’s

Allison Gibbons – BP

Stella Jemas – Target

Bridget Lynch – Panera

Honesty Gilliam – Macy’s

Jennifer Imperial – Bath & Body Works

Barbara Solomon – Kohl’s

Michele DeMatteo – Amazon

Melissa Martino – Shop Rite

Thany Salazar – Starbucks

Erik Mortenson – Total Wine

Tracy Gordon – Barnes-n-Nobles

Jenny Garcia Rezik – Dunkin

Leslie Bagen – AmazonKim Buckley – Shop Rite

Nicole Krulik – Starbucks

The back to school winners were:

Ozzie Diaz – Dunkin

Maria Navarette – Shop Rite

Janelle Morales – Panera

Dara Brevard – Panera

Cheryl Dunlap – Marshalls

Sarah McIntosh – StarbucksFrank Newman – Jersey Mike’s

Maria David – Bath & Body Works

Jennifer Catalano – Target

Danelle Ratuis – Chipotle

Nancy Barrientos – New Teacher – Visa Gift Card

Angie Nevins – Grand Prize  – Amazon Gift Card

WOEA Climate Survey

Liberty MS Building Climate Survey

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